Nude and Tude

This spring is full of colors and I’m not just talking about the flowers outside. There are so many pops of color from neon’s to bright reds and all of the shades of blues. However, my favorite color for Spring 2017 is Nude. I know that nude probably seems boring but it is a very warm and loving color. It can have a soft look during the day and you can spice it up at night with bright/ shiny accessories or a bold colored lip. Sometimes it can be hard to wear all one color.  So I mixed and matched my nudes by adding some texture with my lace-layered skirt and my velvet nude shoes. For someone that is into the latest trends but also wants to look sophisticated this is an easy go to color.


Top: Zara

Skirt: Aqua

Shoes: Topshop

Ashley Blume