Stripe Strength

Stripes are everywhere this spring and the best part about it is that it’s the most wearable trend of spring 2017! This season stripes come in every shape, color, size, and angle in all areas of fashion. You will see stripes in sportswear, eveningwear and street wear.  You can mix and match different colored stripes by putting a thinner stripe on top and a bolder stripe on the bottom or vice versa (we saw a lot of this on the spring 2017 runway at NYFW).  Today I am wearing a pinstriped dress that changes direction in stripe. It also ties in the middle to give a slimmer waste. Sometimes stripes can make you look bigger than you are so synching the waste or changing direction in stripe can help with this (especially since I am shorter). I am also loving a lace up flat this season it's very versatile and a good styling option for any outfit.


Dress:  Shop Mixology

Shoes: Top Shop

Jacket: Zara

Ashley Blume