It's all in the (denim) details

This season denim is very hot and there are sooo many ways to wear. We will be seeing lots of different trends when it comes to denim. Its all in the denim details... embroidery, layering different materials underneath rips, different colored panels of denim, patches, little beads, stones, pearls, pompoms on denim, and most importantly denim on denim. You can pair these with almost anything like I did today. Today I'm wearing my ripped patched sequin jeans with fishnets, a tied button down, a painted leather jacket, with my shiny silver flats. 

** side note:  denim on denim can be hard to pull off without it looking like a Britney spears Canadian Tuxedo (i'll do a separate post on this soon).

I'll stop saying denim now, you get the idea...



Ashley Blume